‘E’ and me!

14 Mar

I love that one Barbara – brings back so many happy memories. I’ve been lucky enough to have a friend such as “E” and wouldn’t we be all the poorer for those great memories? We’d be the poorer for it! Our laughter lines have been well earned. Love it!


I was at a funeral recently at which I suddenly found myself embracing very old friends from a previous life in a previous century.  The weird feeling of being whizzed back to the 1980s only lasted a few minutes – just as long as it took to get over the deep laughter lines, baldness and rather mature (yes I am being kind) look we had all acquired, along with kids, partners, ex partners and mortgages.  But once old friends start talking, they morph back to their younger selves and their faces are again the ones I was so familiar with way back when we all worked together.

One of those I was most happy to see was my old partner in crime – a girlfriend with whom I had misspent many years in dark basements on Leeson Street over wildly overpriced bottles of plonk.

I first met E (not even…

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The reason why kittens are so cute… a post for Mother’s Day!

6 Mar


I have little time for Mother’s Day, probably thanks to my anarchistic tendencies.  If everyone is going one way, I will generally prefer to go the other.  I also hate being told what to do, hence I couldn’t handle being in a book club.  So when the world tells me that today is the day I must treat my mother my reaction is “feck off, I’ll treat my mother when I feel like it”.  As for those bloody awfully crass Facebook posts saying “share this if you have a daughter/mother/brother/son you love with all your heart”.  Well double feck off.

My kids get a very easy ride for Mother’s Day because of my decrying the crass nonsense of it all.  All I want is the right not to cook today (along with my birthday, Nollaig na mBan, Fridays and miscellaneous other days as I see fit).

But as everyone else…

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